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Summers End

August 29th, 2016

Good Morning to you all. I hope you weathered the rain soaked weekend and were able to find a dry spot.

We hear it over and over again but the old saying fits with Labor Day coming up, “Where did the summer go?” We are just a few days away from putting an exclamation mark on the remaining days of summer and looking to the fall with the expectation of cooler temperatures.

When I lived in the Outer Banks, Labor Day weekend was the last weekend for the onslaught of tourists and the weekend that we hoped to do a major portion of our retail business. After that, the roads became easier to navigate and the grocery store aisles opened up. Statistics indicate it is one of the most heavily traveled weekends of the year.

I haven’t made it down to the coast this year as much as I would have liked to but I do plan on making up for it in the next couple of months when finding a peace of heaven all to your self becomes a little easier! For those that are traveling this week, I say “safe travels” and try not to get your burn on!!!!!! Go find your personal space with that umbrella.



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Country Fried

August 22nd, 2016

A very happy and glorious Monday morning to you all. It was another weekend of unpredictable rain showers in the Rocket City! Hopefully the weathermen have it right for the coming weekend with sunshine and lower temperatures.

This past weekend the Land Trust of North Alabama hosted the last of its 2016 summer concert series at historic Three Caves. The concert series is in it’s 11th year at Three Caves and many of those living in the city have never been to the caves or are not familiar with this unique piece of property (!concerts-at-three-caves/c16r3). With this being the first ever country music concert, I am guessing that there were many in the crowd that were experiencing the caves for the first time.

Saturdays’ concert, sponsored by MinitMan Food Stores featured local musician Chris Simmons Trio and the Nashville country duo, LOCASH. We had a couple of rain showers during the day that slowed setting up the venue but the skies cleared just as the crowds began to arrive for what was expected to be an exceptional night for rock and country music. The Chris Simmons Trio kicked the night off with his classic brand of rock and was almost through his third song when the evening rain shower settled in over the venue. With the rain coming down the crowd took shelter making the most of the weather delay and as the rain subsided we hoped that we had seen the last of it for the evening.


It took a few minutes for the crowd to settle back in to their seats and with the crowd in place; Chris was back off and running. A former front man for Leon Russell, Chris wowed the crowd with his monster guitar licks and his southern style of classic rock including a few of his original songs. The Trio closed out the shorten set with the Cream classic, Crossroads, to roaring applause from the crowd.


Three Caves is one of the most mystical and unique locations in North Alabama and you could tell that the crowd sensed that they were in for an exceptional treat as they waited for LOCASH to take the stage. The band has a huge following out of Nashville and the rain did not deter the crowd that came to see them. As they sat in anticipation, LOCASH took the stage and I believe it was the last time I saw the concertgoers sitting in their seats.  The country music duo of Chris Lucas and Preston Brust gave the crowd all they wanted and more. With their extremely vivacious stage persona they had the crowd up dancing and singing along as they moved through their set list that included their latest single, “I Know Somebody”. As they closed their set out with their # 2 chart topping song, “I Love This Life” it was apparent to every one that attended, this band is one to keep your eye on. I would have to say, in spite of the rain, it was a huge country throw down. ENJOY!!!


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Rutledge Falls

August 15th, 2016

Good Morning from Space City USA! I hope you were able to get out and enjoy the weekend in spite of how hot and sultry the days were. My thoughts and prayers go out to my friends in Louisiana and all they are experiencing with the rains and the flooding.

Last week when leaving Nashville a friend of mine offered to take me to a special place she had found on one of her driving journeys. Her special place was a piece of heaven on earth, a secluded waterfall called Rutledge Falls in Tullahoma, TN. The amazing thing about the waterfall is that is on private property and the owners’ welcome public access to the area.  They have gone so far as to provide a parking area, signs and a foot trail into the woods to allow visitors to enjoy the area. As you walk into the woods you begin to hear the roar of the falls and are greeted by a statue at the head of the trail. I was unable to find out any information about the nature of the statue but felt it was a settling welcome to all visitors.


The waterfall is visible from the where the statue stands and as we took in the beauty of the area you could easily see why the area was frequented by locals and individuals such as myself that hear about its beauty. One could tell that this was a very special destination for the locals and easily a photographer’s paradise.  The one very disappointing aspect about our visit was the amount of trash that we encountered that littered the area. For me, I find it difficult to understand how individuals that are given this gift feel so easily inclined to not appreciate the opportunity and are so casual about leaving their trash. It was very disheartening to look around the falls and see the amount of litter that had been left behind. We did all we could to appreciate the moment because the waterfall is absolutely breathtaking. I could only image how majestic it would be when the river was full.

As we exited the area my friend decided to do what she could and collected as much of the debris that she could carry out. Signs for the falls asked that visitors take out what they bring and warned that the falls may be closed to public access if this policy was not adhered to. It boggles my mind that people can be so unappreciative of this beauty. I hope they wake up so they do not ruin it for all of us that love getting outdoors.


Rutledge Falls is the perfect day trip from Nashville or Huntsville and offers public access to one of natures natural beauties. We are slowly seeing these beautiful locations and access to them diminished by urban sprawl. I can only hope that it will continue to be open to the public. My plan is to visit often and take a “larger” trash bag with me next time. ENJOY!!


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August 8th, 2016

Good Morning from Music City USA! I decided to take a little road trip over the weekend and spend some time with friends and it has turned into a little more of an excursion than originally thought.

You may think that Nashville is a bit of a drive for a day excursion but it is the perfect drive for “the day” or better yet, for the weekend. The town is busting at the seams and there is never a loss for something to do. So many hidden gems, so many fabulous restaurants, so many music venues. On Saturday evening a group of friends and I ended up at a new Indian cuisine restaurant and to my amazement it was exceptional. Not that I questioned their tastes, it was just that I had a predisposed idea of what it may taste like. Every time I make the trip to Nashville, my first thought is why do I not do this more often?

There were quite a few reasons for making the trip but the biggest one was I was “in need” of a mini-road trip. With all the time in the saddle working at home with the remodel I just felt it was time and I had a “need for speed”. So off to Nashville it was to spend some time with a few close friends. One of the more important reasons for coming up was to discuss photographing a wedding for my dear friends Josh and Ginger that will take place in October. I am slowly finding my way back to “riding that wedding carriage” and I am so looking forward to an extremely fun event and sharing their day with them. The other reason for the trip was to spend some quality time with my friend Lauren who just recently moved to Nashville. We have working together on developing pictorial content for her yoga website and I had the perfect area in mind to do a shoot. The downtown walking bridge over Cumberland River is the perfect shoot location but it is not a hidden secret. As we began to shoot I realized very fast that I was not the only photographer with the idea to shoot on the bridge and with perfect weather on Sunday it seemed like there was a session going on “on every corner.” Every now and then it would visually appear that we had the entire location to ourselves but even with the traffic all around us, I believe we were able to a capture the essence of her spiritual art with the surroundings.


For anyone that has visited Nashville, the city has a signature skyline that is unlike any other. Once you see it, you instantly recognize it with the Gotham City like AT&T building affectionately referred to as the “batman” tower. The view from across the river is simply breathtaking and as many times as I have had the opportunity to photograph it, I never tire of shooting it one more time. Mother Nature always provides a signature and different backdrop and the city skyline continues to add a new and taller building.

To say the least the trip was a needed adventure and just what the doctor ordered. Many thanks to “Hey Ricky!” for his generous hospitality, accommodations and photo support! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!


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Bobby’s Fish Camp

August 1st, 2016

Hello and a very happy Monday morning. I spent the glorious weekend working around the house and trying to get things back in order after the remodel. I had to have a few new modifications done to the interior and now think I have come to a close at least on transforming the walls.

As most of you may know, I took a trip down the Tennessee Tom Waterway with my dear friends, David Milly and his finance DeAnn Fowler a few weeks back but it seems like only yesterday we were tugging lines. As time permits I relive the fond memories and attempt to look over the thousands of photos that I took along the journey from Huntsville to Orange Beach.

There were so many things along the way but I especially was looking forward to our stopover at Bobby’s Fish Camp, which lies south of Demopolis, Al.   The fish camp, which has been in business for over 60 years, has the only fuel pump between Mobile and Demopolis, a 240-mile stretch. In 1985 the then owner, Bobby Dahlberg, installed one pump on his dock, which provided him with the official designation as being the “smallest marina” of the Tenn.-Tom Marina Association. Bobby passed away in 2010 and his daughter, Ms. Lora Jane Dahlberg Mcllwain, now operates the Fish Camp.


Stepping into the restaurant is like stepping back into time. It has a reputation for serving the best friend catfish on the Tenn-Tom and some say in the southeast. As you walk around and look at the walls you realize it is steep with family history and that is definitely Coke country – no Pepsi allowed. We received the grand tour by Ms. Lora Jane and she was quick to point out her family history, which lines the walls. The only disappointment was that we arrived on a Tuesday and the restaurant is only open for business Thursday – Saturday. So much for tasting the famous catfish dinner.


The Fish Camp is an icon along the Tenn-Tom and is a must see is listed as one the stops on the Great Loop cruising route by boaters or as they are affectionately known as “loopers!” The original 15×35 dock has been expanded upriver to a length of a 160 feet and is a first come first server tie down, best call ahead. There is a photo that shows a mass tie down of 17 boats at one point in time that extended out into the waterway. Although I was very disappointed that the restaurant was not serving there was nothing disappointing about spending the night on the most famous and smallest marina on the Tenn-Tom. We were even treated to a beautiful rainbow as a large island of lily pads floated by us. Bobby’s Fish Camp is truly a step back in time and a breath of fresh air. Many thanks to Ms. Lora Jane for the VIL (very important looper) tour. Enjoy!!


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