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February 20th, 2017

A very Happy Monday morning to you all and Happy Presidents Day. What a beautiful weekend we had to get out and share. I had the pleasure of getting invited to hear the Huntsville Symphony play Wagner Saturday evening and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my first trip.

It was such a glorious day on Saturday that I actually spent the day walking around downtown, once again, with camera in hand. As I began my photographic journey the word Juxtaposition (the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect) began to strike a cord and I began to think just how could I portray the city with that thought in mind, capturing the old next to the new. It did not take long for the idea and vision to take hold. Our city is blessed with the contrast and it was up to me to see just how I would be at fulfilling my mission.

As I walked the streets I thought back to my previous tours of the city and began to look for those contrasting elements that not only provided a glimpse of the old and the new but also provided a variety of color and textures. As I pointed out in a recent blog, as an artist you are hopefully blessed with the ability to look at things in a different way and your art becomes an extension of that blessing and vision. It became a very interesting journey for me to take a day trip looking at the city with this very unique singular perspective as my challenge.

The one thing that I continually tell people is that I do believe I am truly blessed to have found my passion in life (or it found me) and that I feel very fortunate to be able to continue on this visual journey. I wake up everyday looking to tackle what ever photographic task is put before me and if not then I try to find something that will challenge me. It was an extremely satisfying visual experience to walk the streets of Huntsville and take a look at the ever-changing landscape of the city with a different and unique perspective. I hope you – ENJOY!

Keep us in mind for any of your upcoming photographic adventures.      Have Camera – Will Travel … Corporate, Advertising, Editorial and Art.

All the best to you!!!!
dK and Greyson

Be My Valentine

February 13th, 2017

Happy Valentines!!!!!!!!!! For all of you LoVeRs, I’m wishing you much love and for the rest of us, just another day to hate chocolate, greeting cards and roses.

As most of you may know, I am just returning from a trip to Arizona where I got to spend a fair amount of time with my family and getting acquainted with my new nephew, Greyson Paul Hayes who was just turning 3 weeks old. Over my photographic career I have had the absolute pleasure to take photographs of many important and fascinasting people but I would have to say that getting to photograph my new nephew might just be one of the highlights of my career. He is a keeper. He did not take too kindly to being photographed as a Valentine heartthrob but he was a real trooper and humored his uncle. I know you have heard it many times about babies, but I think he is one beautiful baby boy.

With one last night to go before I came home, I strong armed my dear friend Herb Stokes to take me back to Tempe Towne Lake and take in the cities skyline at sunset from the northeast side of  the lake. We got lucky with another stellar evening which included a fair amount of activity by scullers on the water and a dynamic setting sun. It is a very popular area for rowers from ASU. As the sun set and the lights came on at the State Farm complex, we looked at each other realizing we had hit another picture perfect evening. Enjoy!!!!!

Keep us in mind for any of your upcoming photographic adventures.      Have Camera – Will Travel … Corporate, Advertising, Editorial and Art.

All the best to you!!!!
dK and Greyson

Arizona Surprise

February 6th, 2017

Happy Day After Super Bowl 51! Congratulations to the New England Patriots; possibly the greatest Super Bowl win ever and Tom Brady is most likely to be crowned the best to ever play the game.

I took the opportunity this past weekend to head back to Arizona to take part in my neice, Brandy Horak, 43rd birthday celebration and to meet the newest addition to my sisters family, Greyson Paul Hayes, my great great nephew. My trip to Mesa was kept a surprise and to say the least the planning by her sister, Wendy, made the surprise birthday party a rousing success. As much as I would like to think my appearance was one of  the highlights, I got the feeling that the 3 week old Greyson may have taken the limelight. I would have to admit I was even awe struck by the beautiful newborn. It is fun being an Uncle and even more fun getting to take credit for just being his uncle.

While visiting the area, I generally spend time and stay with one of my former assistants, Herb Stokes who has a successful photography business in Tempe and lives fairly close to my sister. Thanks to him I generally do not have to worry too much about getting round the city. On the one free night we had, we went down to Tempe Towne Lake and did what we enjoy the best, photographing! I have blogged many photographs from this area but I never tire of coming here to photograph the city, especially at sunset.

The area hosts a man made lake that reflects the shimmering lights of the “expanding” skyline of Tempe and the ASU campus in the water. The city is in the direct path of the Phoenix airport so in addition to the city lights we are treated to the continuing streaks of airplanes flying into the city at night. I would have to admit it is a city view I never tire of photographing.  ENJOY!

Keep us in mind for any of your upcoming photographic adventures.      Have Camera – Will Travel … Corporate, Advertising, Editorial and Art.

All the best to you!!!!
dK and Greyson

See The Light

January 30th, 2017

A very Happy Monday morning to you. Obviously Mother Nature has a great sense of humor, once again tempting us with warm temperatures all week only to throw us a curve ball with a blast of the winter chill.

Last week I had the privilege in meeting with a new client that is wanting to create some original art pieces by capturing abstract images of the architecture of the building their offices are currently in. The building is an old building with a lot of history and character. I am looking forward to the project!

Saturday was a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I found myself walking around downtown with camera in hand.  I am so use to capturing the “big picture” when it comes to photographing the city that it got me to thinking whether I could look at our city in a different way, an abstract kind of way. Not so much the magnitude of the large structures but rather the little things that add to the character of the city, the things that are passed by everyday in our travels and go virtually unnoticed. So as I walked around and started focusing my attention on the details of the city I began to see “art” on every wall and in every alley.  All you have to do is slow down and see the light. Art began popping up around every corner.

As I continued to walk and pay closer attention to every detail, I thought how fun would it be to take some additional time and visits to focus on similar visions and projects that looks at our city with a different perspective. I am not sure where it will take me but I like what I have seen so far. It is all about looking left or looking right, looking up or looking down.

As I continued walking around the city it did not take long for my visual journey to take hold. I am not sure if the art found me or if I found the art but it was all coming in to light. It was like a game looking for the golden egg.

Being an artist means that you look at things in a different way whether you use a paintbrush or a camera to create the final result but it is the vision of your artistic endeavors that is most fulfilling. The one thing I enjoy the most about being an artist is the world and all of my surroundings is my inspiration.  I am looking forward to my future walk abouts. Enjoy!!!

All my art is available for purchase for personal and corporate art!!!!

Once Again – Best Regards …..
And Much Love!!!!

Rocky Mountain High

January 23rd, 2017

A very Happy Monday morning to you. For the most part is was a fabulous weekend in the neighborhood.

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot part two of a corporate shoot that had me starting in Decatur, Al and then flying a few days later to Salt Lake City, Utah. I had never been to Utah and looked forward to the potential o a few free hours to go road tripp’n and check out the surrounding Rocky Mountains. Like most industrial corporate shoots we were on a tight schedule, one day flying, one day shooting and then a return on the following day. Not much time for sightseeing. With that in mind Ben Starks, the videographer that I was traveling with and I decided to make the most of the free time we had.

After checking into the hotel, Ben and I decided to head downtown to check out a few of the city sites before the sun set. Salt Lake is the capital of Utah and where Brigham Young first settled in 1847. It is best known for being the headquarters of The Church of Latter-day Saints. As we drove around, one prominent structure stood out and that was the Capital building and it’s dome.  It is a very awe-inspiring building and a statue of Brigham Young stood watch boldly over the grounds.

As we continued our journey we ended up on a residential hilltop just north of the city that hosted a large amount of post-moderns designed homes and the best view of the city. I would venture to say with that view, we were definitely not on the “wrong side” of the tracks. We were actually able to find a vacant lot with a no-trespassing sign and took full advantage of it – along with a few other individuals that apparently could not read either. It was an extremely impressive vista for viewing the city. The biggest issue was they were experiencing a temperature “inversion” which totally hid the mountain ranges.

I had been extremely excited about the opportunity to travel to Salt Lake for one very good reason other than the shoot.  I had know for some time that one of my childhood schoolmates, Bryan McElroy, who was a like my brother in junior high and was living in Salt Lake City. Bryan and I had not seen each other in over 45 years and I knew this was not an opportunity to be wasted by not finding time to re-acquaint our brother-hood. Their were five of us that were attached at the hip during the 8th-10th grade and Bryan was one of closest running buddies, spending much time at each others house, surfing together on the east coast of Florida and working numerous jobs together. Our last sighting was a monumental road trip driving back to Tampa from Fort Huachuca, AZ. Bryans father was in the army and had moved west when we were in the tenth grade. We spoke regularly and made a deal for me to fly out and drive back with him to Tampa during that summer for one last visit. We lost touch after that until a few years back when he called my parents home trying to find me and keep in touch until I realized that this trip was going to bring it all back. So how do you catch up on forty-five years? You basically speed read through all that has happened and then end the evening on talking about all the escapades of your child hood antics. It was great seeing my friend again ands many thanks to his wife Jill for enduring all of those childhood conversations about our many boyhood antics.

With our shoot completed and the reunion accomplished it was time to pack up and head home. Flying in to the city I had noticed how majestic the mountaintops looked as they peaked through the clouds. Unfortunately I was not sitting in a window seat so I was unable to take advantage of the view. On our flight out I did have a window seat but it was looking east and we were departing just as the sun was rising. The sunrise view was spectacular but made it difficult to capture the true essence of the Rocky Mountains from my seat. I did happen to capture a few vistas that were majestic. It just made me want to come back and visit my friend, knowing that on the return flight I will find the proper seats flying in and out. Enjoy!!!!!

I do have a camera … awaiting your call …. I do love to travel!!!!

Once Again – Best Regards …..
And Much Love!!!!